To Create generational sustainable mining projects that bring significant Ripples Of Impact ROI globally

Projected Projects

A - Diamond exploration project - NWT

B - Copper & Nickel - NWT

C - Gold deposit project -NWT

D - cobalt - NWT 

E - silver - NWT 

F - tin - Mexico 

G - silver - Spain
H - NWT 

I - India 

J - Peru
K - Chile  

L - Germany  

We are committed to green solutions;

When using green technology in our implementation and ongoing processes,

If a green solution not available, We are commitment to engage in funding innovation. 

Our first green company partnership is with Empire 

They are proactive in cutting emissions and saving on diesel costs

We are also engaging in a community of consciousness of thought in all we do.

Respect the land and communities

Some of our buyers are interested in keeping the minerals in the ground until needed. 

Our local giving back projects for the NWT is already decided and will have more details to come.

Our international project is also decided as we feed and educate in Calcutta India. 

We are in beginning stages of the implementation our of projects starting with soil testing to validate our 9 kimberlite targets.

We have an option agreement in play with with Silver Bear Mines Inc.


Minerals potentials are;








Subscription Agreements Process

1. Review and sign the subscription agreement.

2. Pay ALMRI by cheque, bank draft, credit card or e-transfer to almri@shaw.ca . Send to our posted address, scan and send to almri@shaw.ca or visit in person in our Victoria office or Edmonton Office

3. Certificate  is issued 

4. A closed shareholder group will be used to update regularly 

5. On completion of a project a memorable to validate ROI